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This particular talisman is derived from one of many, many ancient Old European and Near Eastern Neolithic sculptures and petroglyphs of the Great Mother. She was, before the development of patriarchal religions with their primarily male god forms, the prime deity, Dea Mater, Gaia, Tia Mat, Mother Earth. The Great Goddess, with Her cycles of birth, fertility, death, and rebirth. Because earthly women undergo a regular menstrual cycle in union with the moon, the Goddess is often identified with the full, crescent, and dark moon (threefold). The Goddess, the Earth and women move through the seasons of embodied existence, continually waxing and waning, dying and being reborn.

This unending cycle was generally personified in a triad or trilogy, wherein the Goddess was viewed as having three "Faces": Maiden, Mother, and Crone. As the Great Goddess occurred in later mythologies, the sacred "3" became triads such as Persephone/ Demeter/Hecate in Greece, or the Celtic This ancient trilogy is still to be found in later religions, such as Christianity, where it is masculinized into the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Or in Hinduism, where Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva represent Creation, Sustenance, and Destruction.

Although the Great Mother has been driven from our imagination with the advent of patriarchal monotheism, the ancient Mother never really left us, returning eternally in myth, symbol and legend throughout history and her-story. Perhaps the most potent return of the Great Mother is to be found in contemporary ecology, with the Gaia Hypothesis introduced by biologist James Lovelock, which revolutionized earth sciences by proposing that the Earth was a living, self-sustaining being. Gaia was the name of the primal Creatrix Goddess among the early Greeks.

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