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The high soaring spirit of the Hawk symbolizes keen vision, and in Lakota traditions was called Ceton, and was associated with the East, new beginnings and the vision to create a new day. What Hawk seeks, Hawk finds.

Horus was a name for an evolving group of deities in Egypt, the best known being Horus the Sun God, son of Isis, who was conceived after the death of his father, Osiris, who later avenged him. Horus is depicted as a hawk or hawk-headed man, although sometimes he is shown full human with tokens of the hawk. Pharaoh was considered to be the Living Horus, the temporal stand-in for Horus in the earthly domain. The all-seeing Eye of Horus is, like the eye of the Hawk, able to see all things from the great expanse of the heavens.

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