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The horse is associated with Power, Grace, Beauty, Nobility. Strength and Freedom.

Serving man in war, mobility, productivity, agriculture and development of all kinds, the horse is a large contributor to the enhancement of civilization.

Its symbolism of power is widespread through most cultures and is linked as an emblem of life-force.

As a Celtic symbol, the horse was associated with war and attributes of victory, conquer, longevity as well as procurement of territory and other spoils that come with triumph in battle.

The Greco-Romans also attributed it to symbolism such as power, victory, honor, domination and virility. In Greco-Roman myth the Horse is said to be created by Poseidon (Neptune) and is devoted to Hades (Pluto) and Ares (Mars).

One of the symbols in the Chinese zodiac, the horse is equated with Gemini and represents practicality, love, endurance, devotion and stability.

As a Native American symbol, the Horse is honored as helper, messenger and harbinger of spirit knowledge. It is also an emblem of freedom. The wild freedom of the horse can be harnessed and used to the benefit of the tribe. This understanding comes only when man and beast enter a silent contract acknowledging mutual respect and responsibility.

Reference: What's Your Sign

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