Love Birds
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Love Birds

Eagle and Raven; a marriage between clans, peace to the tribes. Northwest Coast

"Native legends say that forever ago, long before their ancestors walked, the Raven and the Eagle shared the skies, forests and streams of Alaska, bringing a balance to the world as they would jest, joust and shout above the winds and sun."

This balance between Raven and Eagle is seen in several totems. Two totem poles sit outside the Nesbett Courthouse in Anchorage, Alaska. The one on the left is a raven, the other one is an eagle.They represent balance - like the scales of Justice. These totems were carved by Lee Wallace, a Haida Alaskan Native from Ketchikan, and his Tlingit apprentice carver, Edwin De Witt.

Union of the Raven and eagle represents the union of two tribal clans. Northwest Coast

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