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Owls are solitary nocturnal birds of prey. Owls are far-sighted, unable to clearly see anything within a few inches of their eyes. However, their vision, particularly in low light, is excellent when they are seeing from afar. Many owls can also hunt by sound in total darkness. Their muffled wings and dull feathers allow them to fly silently and unseen., hence the association of owls with the night side of life, the unconscious, the unknown, and the wisdom that enables one to travel in these realms of consciousness.

Mythologically, Owls are associated with wisdom and with the goddess Athena in Greek mythology, and the owl is the totem animal of the ancient Sumerian Goddess Lilith. The Owl Woman of the Plains Tribes is the Keeper of a bridge that souls must cross on the way to the afterlife. She will cast off those spirits and souls that are unidentified into the abyss below. Wisdom, truth, patience. The Mescalero believe that Owl carries the souls of the recently deceased. Owl is the totem of clairvoyants and mystics.

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