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Gypsies still cut an apple so as to show the shape of a pentacle or star within, the “Kore” or virgin.

The pentacle or pentagram is a very ancient symbol whose meanings have been given as “Life” and/or “Health”. Use of the pentacle as an amulet for protection and healing was common in Babylon, where it was often drawn on pots to preserve their contents, or over the doors of houses to protect the owner‘s possessions. A pentacle with one point pointing straight down (reversed from the common usage) represented the Horned God of pagan Europe, called in some records a “Pent morph“……“he with five shapes”, which included human form, as well as horned animals, the goat, stag, bull, and ram. In later days, the symbol became dialogize, with the upright pentacle identified with “witches“, and the old good luck charm representing the Horned God, a male fertility symbol, becoming a symbol of Satanism.

Hermetic magicians and alchemists used the pentagram as a symbol for the cosmos, with the figure of a man placed within a circle, a “five pointed star”. Like other symbols made of an unbroken line, the pentacle could be associated with eternity, and protection from the unseen order, as spirits need a “gate”, a broken line, to “enter in”. Hence pentacles were drawn to mark off magical enclosures, circles, and sacred places.

Unknown to some people the Pentagram can still be found in the older churches of Europe, used as decorations, signifying the joining of the pagan ways with those of the Christian churches of the times.

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