Winged Scarab
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Winged Scarab

Since the scarab was spiritually connected with the Sunrise, it became closely associated with the Egyptian deity Khepri–“god of the rising Sun.” In every aspect, scarabs and Egyptian Solar worship were inseparable.

During the time of the Egyptians, stone-carved scarabs were used as magical amulets to aid its wearer with the power of “eternal renewal of life.” Scarabs were also employed as talismans and royal seals. The winged scarab was used in funeral rites. Rodman Clayson, author of Egypt’s Ancient Heritage– published by AMORC–wrote, So-called heart scarabs, usually flanked with falcon’s wings, were funerary talismans. The heart scarab [made] of stone was laid upon the breast of the mummy.

Sir Wallis Budge, late keeper of Egyptian and Assyrian antiquities within the British Museum, explained in his work titled Egyptian Magic, “…the scarab or beetle itself possesses remarkable powers, and if a figure of the scarab be made, and the proper words of power be written upon it, not only protection of the dead physical heart, but also new life and existence will be given to him to whose body it is attached.”

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