Seal of Solomon
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Seal of Solomon

The Seal of Solomon is traditionally a six pointed star that consists of two intersecting pyramids, one with the point going down, one with the point up.

The best known use of the Star of Solomon is it’s relevance to Judaism and Cabbalism. But the six pointed star was also much revered among medieval alchemists and occultists. As a symbol of Solomon’s legendary wisdom, it was valued as a powerful magical talisman. Signs like the six pointed star, and sometimes the pentacle, were called Solomon's Seal, and were used to invoke and command spirits for magical purposes, as it was believed they held great authority.

The intersection of two triangles may also have its origins in the Orient, a Tantric symbol that represents the union of male and female principles; certainly, this Vedic symbol of the union of opposites is not without relevance to the famed Wisdom of Solomon.

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