Sri Yantra
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Sri Yantra

In Hinduism and Buddhism, A yantra is any design intended for visual meditation, to teach spiritual doctrines by way of the designs composition. Like a Mandela, the yantra is used to focus the mind.

A yantra, in Buddhism and Hinduism, is, like a Mandela, a visual meditation, designed to teach assist the meditator to focus the mind through spiritual contemplation of the symbol. One of the most important of all yantras is Sri Yantra (the Great Yantra), which is formed of interlocking triangles. The upward pointing triangles represent the male attribute (lingam), the downward pointing triangles the female power (yoni or Shakti). It represents a continual expansion of this mystical union of female and male, which is the creative process; for this reason one of the names of the yantra is "form in expansion". The final center is not shown, as the meditators must envision and comprehend that within themselves.

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