Featured Designs

  • Featured Design - Bacchus

    If Apollo is the shining sun symbol of order, Bacchus symbolizes disorder. Both are sons of Zeus/Jupiter, and Dionysus/Bacchus is the god of fertility, wine, and intoxication. Myths of his death (as Zagreus) and rebirth place him among the divine figures resurrected after death.
  • Featured Design - Angelic Muses

    The Nine Muses, deriving from Greek and Roman mythology, were the source of inspiration, meaning, insight, music, and poetry literally “breathed” in by angelic beings to artists and creative minds receptive to their sacred songs.
  • Featured Design - Comedy / Tragedy

    Comedy / Tragedy Tragedy and Comedy are classic symbols of theatre as well as for the duality of human emotional experience. In Greek sacred drama, actors did not show their faces. Instead, masks were held up to illustrate emotions for the course of the play
  • Featured Design - Celtic Boar

    The Celts admired the fearsome aggressive qualities of the boar and its ability to defend itself to death. This symbolized the courage, bravery, a...
  • Featured Design - Bee or Honeybee

    Determining the symbolic meaning of the bee (as with any creature) is best done by observing its behavior, social habits, community, and environm...
  • Featured Design - Anchor

    The anchor symbolizes moving forward from a place or a certain period in life by embarking on a new journey the way a ship sets sail when its anchor is lifted from the water. This symbol represents brave decisions and new adventures or new voyages – things we hope for and look forward to.
  • Featured Design - Chalice / Holy Grail

    The cup of intuition, wisdom and prudence for the pure of heart seeking after the mysteries of enlightenment.