Featured Design - Celtic Cross

Featured Design - Celtic Cross

Michael Stewart
The Celtic Cross is a symbol that has been present throughout history, particularly in Celtic cultures. It is a cross that features a circle around the intersection point of the cross, often decorated with intricate knotwork. It is associated with Christianity, heritage, and spirituality.
Celtic Cross

The Celtic cross is believed to have originated in the early Christian era when the Celts began to adopt Christianity. It is thought to combine elements of the traditional Celtic symbol of the circle with the Christian symbol of the cross.

Throughout history, the Celtic cross has been used in various contexts. It was used in religious art and architecture in the early Christian period, particularly in Ireland and Scotland. Later, it symbolized Celtic heritage and identity, particularly in the 19th century, when the Celtic Revival movement emerged.

Today, the Celtic cross is a famous symbol in modern times, particularly among those who identify with Celtic heritage or spirituality. It is often used as a symbol of faith and heritage, and it is also often used in jewelry, tattoos, and other forms of art.
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