The Quick Silver Mint Story

Delve into the storied history of Quicksilver Mint, a sanctuary of craftsmanship where the time-honored art of coin minting is alive and flourishing. Our heritage is steeped in the innovative spirit of Renaissance brilliance, drawing inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci's mechanical ingenuity. The "Drop Hammer" Coin Mint, an engineering marvel, is a testament to this inspiration, transforming the traditional coin-making process with unmatched precision and artistry.

Our mint operates on a grand scale, wielding a massive 150-pound hammer that, when elevated to nine feet, descends with the might of 40 tons of force. This monumental power imprints upon our coins not just designs but also the essence of their sacred symbols.

Michael Stewart

The soul of Quicksilver Mint is our founder, Michael Stewart, MA, a visionary who has spent over three decades immersed in studying and celebrating global sacred symbols. With a background that spans sculpture, jewelry-making, and visual arts, Michael crafted his first coin press and embarked on the journey to create what has now become a distinguished collection of medallions and talismans.

Michael circa 1974

These creations are the work of not just one but many hands, as Michael's apprentices, nurtured under his tutelage, have flourished into masterful artists in their own right. Together, we carry the legacy of Quicksilver Mint across the country, presenting our hand-minted medallions at Renaissance Fairs and festivals, inviting all to partake in the beauty and meaning of these cultural emblems.

We invite you to explore our collection and the stories they tell—a celebration of art, history, and the human spirit.