Native American Symbols

Bear's Paw

The print is an icon designed by Lorenzo, an artist of Pueblo/Apache descent, to symbolize man's practice of walking in balance and harmony with nature.

Chumash Spirit

Being is the vision of a Spirit Ancestor or elemental being.

Desert Flower

The Desert Flower manifests energy from the Sun, of Life Force, its vitality and fragility. Pueblo.

Elemental Spiral

Mind, Body & Spirit hold the Center as the elements spiral around. Pueblo / San Ildefonso

Four Directions - Apache

The Four Directions are important throughout many Native American spiritual traditions. Different elements, qualities, ancestral spirits, and animal totems are assigned to each direction. This form is derived from imagery of the Apache people of the Southwest.

Four Directions - Mimbres 

Movement on the Wheel of Life revolving around the Center

Four Winds

The Four Winds is the energy path of the Elements. Center outward, returning. Pueblo

Humpback Whale

Traditional Image. Northwest Coastal Native Americans.


Among the Anasazi ruins and petroglyphs of the Southwest, the image of Kokopelli is found throughout, dancing and playing his flute like Pan. Kokopelli is a mysterious figure who has come to represent a joyful wandering magician.

Love Birds

Eagle and Raven shared Alaska's skies, forests, and streams, bringing a balance to the world. They represent a marriage between clans and peace between tribes. Northwest Coast & Alaska Indians


Path of the Thunder Beings travels in four directions. Cliff Dwellers

North Star

The mythical origin of the Chumash tribe; also symbolizes the center of the Universe.

Northwest Raven

All northwest ravens and eagles were animal totems that guided and protected their tribes. The Raven is a trickster. Tlingit of the northwestern shores. Totem poles.

Pima Sun

Life-Giver sends energy to the four directions and sustains all life. Tohono O'odham

Pueblo Pottery 

The Life Cycle. Pueblo Indians


Quetzalcoatl was called the “Feathered Snake” and was among the principal deities of the Aztecs. He is the creator, sky god, and wise legislator. The bringer of culture, he introduced agriculture (maize) and the calendar and patronized the arts and crafts.

Star Spiral

The Star Spiral is the magical number five in this Native American mandala, symbolizing the movement of life and good health. Pueblo Indians