Symbols reflecting our divine nature

All cultures have treasured sacred Symbols at all times. Discover the many layers of meaning in the symbols you choose to wear. Founded in 1972, Quick Silver Mint has created original handmade medallions and made them available through our catalog and at fairs and festivals throughout the United States.

The Coin Mint

Known as the first industrialized tool of Renaissance times, the coin mint perfected the art of coinmaking with increased accuracy over the previous hand-hammered technique. Based on Leonardo da Vinci’s genius mechanical descriptions, Michael Stewart designed and built the “drop hammer” coin mint. The "drop hammer" coin mint is operated using controlled amounts of accelerated gravity by raising a 150 lb. hammer to a height of 9 feet. The coins set between the two dies are struck with an incredible 40 tons of force! Our representational art reveals positive energies that may move and inspire you. Understanding the profound messages conveyed by symbols may creatively enhance your journey of self-discovery.