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Dragon Earrings

Dragon Earrings

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Dragon derives from the Greek word 'drakon', meaning "large serpent". Celtic kings in Britain were called "dragons"; in Arthurian legends, Uther, father of Arthur, was named the Pendragon (Head Dragon) or High King.

In Chinese mythology, the celestial dragons guard the abodes of the gods; dragon spirits, who rule over wind and rain but can also cause flooding; earth dragons, who cleanse the rivers and deepen the oceans; treasure guarding dragons; and the imperial dragons, who have five claws instead of the usual four. In Taoism, the dragon represents the yang principle and is often portrayed surrounded by water or clouds. The Chinese dragon is thus associated with sublime elemental powers.
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Welcome to Quick Silver Mint! For almost 50 years, we've been making unique medallions and showcasing them in our catalog and at festivals across the US. And we're excited to announce that we've expanded our collection to include some fantastic earrings!

Our silver earrings are 1 inch long, 18 GA, and made of .99 Silver with a .032 inch Sterling Silver wire. And our copper earrings are just as beautiful! They too, are 1 inch long and 18 GA but made of copper with a .032-inch Niobium wire.

We take great pride in our designs and the symbols used in our collection. If you're interested in learning more about their meanings, visit our Symbol Meanings gallery. Thanks for stopping by!