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The high, soaring spirit of the Hawk symbolizes keen vision. In Lakota traditions, he was called Ceton and was associated with the East, new beginnings and creating a new day. What Hawk seeks, Hawk finds. Horus, shown as a hawk in Egypt, has an all-seeing eye. The Hawk embodies the spirit of keen vision, soaring high and representing new beginnings in Lakota traditions where it was known as Ceton and associated with the East - the direction of the sunrise. This majestic bird is known for its determination - once it sets its sights on something, it will pursue it relentlessly until it is achieved. In Egypt, the Hawk was associated with Horus, who was depicted as having an all-seeing eye.
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All of our medallions are 1" in diameter.

We also press 24K Gold (provided by the customer). Contact Us for recommended sources of gold and physical specifications of gold blanks.

We do patina and polish all medallions that we ship out. Please see product photos and our Instagram or Facebook for examples of the look. We understand that additional services are provided at the Fairs and Festivals, but we cannot facilitate those services. 

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