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Honey Bee Buttons

Honey Bee Buttons

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The Honey Bee signifies immortality and resurrection. Represents diligence and tireless effort and the sweet love of the Mother Goddis. She was used as a model of human society.The honeybee holds great significance and symbolism. It represents the ideas of immortality and resurrection, embodying the notion that life is a never-ending cycle of death and rebirth. The bee's unwavering diligence and tireless efforts in gathering nectar and pollen also make it a symbol of hard work and perseverance.

Moreover, the bee is associated with the sweet love of the Mother Goddess, as it plays a crucial role in pollinating flowers and ensuring the growth of plants and trees. In this way, the bee is a symbol of fertility and growth, representing the interconnectedness of all living things.

The bee has also been used as a model for human society, with its intricate social structure and organized division of labor. The hive serves as a metaphor for a well-ordered society, where every member has a specific role and works together for the greater good. Overall, the honeybee is a powerful symbol that teaches us about the cyclical nature of life, the importance of hard work and cooperation, and our interconnectedness with the natural world.

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Since 1972 Quick Silver Mint has been creating authentic handmade medallions, available through their catalog and at festivals throughout the United States. Now the designs are available here as buttons. An understanding of the symbols may inspire you and enhance your journey of self-discovery. Each has its origin in ancient stone carvings, pottery, or other artifacts and many were inspired by myth and legend. We have spent over 30 years researching and creating magical jewelry based on symbols from around the world. We are very proud to mint over 100 designs. If you want to learn