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Eye of Horus - Right Buttons

Eye of Horus - Right Buttons

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In Egypt, the symbol of a sacred Eye of Horus (or Ra or Maat) was painted above doors, and on coffins and on the bows of boats. As Horus was the Sun God, the all-seeing eye was a symbol of protection, clarity, and wisdom. During the Dynastic period, two eyes, "udjatti" were very important as amulets, generally understood as representing two ways of seeing by way of the sun and the moon, and were particularly valued for protection against many evils.

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Since 1972, Quick Silver Mint has been creating authentic handmade medallions, which are available through their catalog and at festivals throughout the United States. Now, the designs are available here as buttons.

Each symbol, inspired by myth and legend, originates from ancient stone carvings, pottery, or other artifacts. Understanding these symbols may enhance your journey of self-discovery.

We have spent over 30 years researching and creating magical jewelry based on symbols worldwide. We are very proud to mint over 100 designs.

If you want to learn more about our designs, please visit our Symbol Gallery.