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Winged Scarab

Winged Scarab

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For the ancient Egyptians, the scarab rolled the sun across the sky. Stone-carved scarabs were used as magical amulets to aid their wearer with the power of eternal renewal of life. Flanked with falcon’s wings, heart scarabs were funerary talismans to protect In ancient Egyptian culture, the scarab beetle played a significant role in various aspects of life. According to mythology, the scarab was believed to roll the sun across the sky, symbolizing the journey of life. Scarab amulets, made of various materials such as stone, faience, or glass, were used as magical talismans to provide the wearer with the power of eternal renewal and protection from evil spirits.

Heart scarabs, a type of scarab amulet, were often placed inside the mummy wrappings of the deceased during funerary rites. The scarab was adorned with the wings of a falcon, a symbol of the sky god Horus, and inscribed with spells from the Book of the Dead. The heart scarab served as a protective talisman to ensure that the heart was not devoured by the god Ammit during the judgment of the soul in the afterlife. The heart was believed to be the seat of the soul and the source of intelligence and emotion, making it an essential organ to preserve for the afterlife.

Overall, the scarab beetle held great importance and significance in ancient Egyptian culture, representing various aspects of life, such as rebirth, renewal, and protection. heart for its new life.


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