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Templar Cross

Templar Cross

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The Templar Cross is an equilateral cross with flared ends used by the Knights Templars during the Middle Ages. Legend has it that during the Templar persecution in France and Europe, a miracle saved them from execution in one of the German lands. The accused Templars threw their cloaks into the fire to test their guilt, but none of the Templar crosses on the cloaks caught fire.

According to the records of medieval chronicler Matthew of Paris, by the 13th century, different versions of the cross were established among different crusaders. For English crusaders, it was the cross of St. George, while the French used a silver or white cross. Italians used a yellow or azure cross, Germans used a black cross, Flemings used a green cross, Spaniards used a purple cross, and Scots used a silver St. Andrew's cross.

It is believed that only the Templars had the right to use the Templar Cross since it was a symbol associated with the Jerusalem Temple and the Temple of the Holy Sepulcher, and the Templars had a presence in Jerusalem. 

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