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The ancient symbol for protection while traveling is shrouded in mystery. Although its specifics are unknown, some elements of its design are similar to the rose compass. It is believed to be possibly associated with the Roma/Gypsy culture. The Roma people hailed from India and migrated to Europe and North Africa via the Iranian plateau around 1050 A.D.

Throughout history, the role of the Traveler has been played by many powerful tricksters and shapeshifters with god-like powers.

In Dungeons and Dragons' Faith of Ebberon, the symbol of the Traveler is an eight-pointed configuration consisting of four crossed and rune-inscribed bones. The Traveler is believed to walk the world in various forms and is associated with the domains of Artifice, Celerity, Chaos, Charm, Creation, Liberation, Travel, and Trickery.
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All of our medallions are 1" in diameter.

We also press 24K Gold (provided by the customer). Contact Us for recommended sources of gold and physical specifications of gold blanks.

We do patina and polish all medallions that we ship out. Please see product photos and our Instagram or Facebook for examples of the look. We understand that additional services are provided at the Fairs and Festivals, but we cannot facilitate those services. 

Want to know more about the meaning of each symbol? Please check out the Symbol Gallery! Or do you want more information about ordering at a fair or festival? Please see our Design Brochure.