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According to European mythology, a unicorn is a rare and magnificent creature that resembles a white horse or pony. What sets it apart from other equines is a single, spiraled horn that protrudes from its forehead. This mystical creature is regarded as a symbol of purity and innocence, and it is said that only a virgin girl could capture one.

Unicorns are commonly associated with righteousness and have been depicted in artwork throughout history, often alongside the Virgin Mary. They are said to be her protector and the companion of all maidens. Despite being a mythical creature, the unicorn has captured the imagination of people for centuries and continues to be a beloved symbol of magic and wonder.

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All of our medallions are 1" in diameter.

We also press 24K Gold (provided by the customer). Contact Us for recommended sources of gold and physical specifications of gold blanks.

We do patina and polish all medallions that we ship out. Please see product photos and our Instagram or Facebook for examples of the look. We understand that additional services are provided at the Fairs and Festivals, but we cannot facilitate those services. 

Want to know more about the meaning of each symbol? Please check out the Symbol Gallery! Or do you want more information about ordering at a fair or festival? Please see our Design Brochure.