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Winged Dragon Buttons

Winged Dragon Buttons

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The dragon of the modern period is typically depicted as a huge, scaly, horned, dinosaur-like creature, with leathery wings and the ability to breathe fire. Iconically it has at last combined the Chinese dragon with the western one. It typically protects a cavern filled with gold and treasure and is usually associated with a great hero, who attempts to slay it. Many modern stories represent dragons as being extremely intelligent creatures who can talk, some with the ability to use magic. Often dragons are extremely ancient. Some are helpful and wise, whom heroes can consult for advice, while others are greedy and guard a huge hoard of treasure.

For the Greeks of the Classical times, dragons were terrifying serpent like earth-born remnants of an earlier age, dark creatures that had to be heroically eliminated. Dragons were guardians of underground sources of power, and often guarded the more literal sources, springs, where the watery underworld burst to the surface. The water-dragon most widely depicted was literally called the "Hydra." The serpent like dragon guardian of the spring or cleft, where healing and oracular properties must not be approached without caution, was a protector of the original inhabitants of Greece (Pelasgians) and their prehistoric lore. Always, in the literary myths that have survived, the hero from the new Olympian age is seen to destroy the dragon, never to consult it At Delphi the ancient oracle came from the Goddess's serpentine dragon deep in the cleft, the Python and his seeress; but Apollo "saved" the inhabitants of Delphi from its "ravages"— then assumed the oracular powers for himself.
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Since 1972, Quick Silver Mint has been creating authentic handmade medallions, which are available through their catalog and at festivals throughout the United States. Now, the designs are available here as buttons.

Each symbol, inspired by myth and legend, originates from ancient stone carvings, pottery, or other artifacts. Understanding these symbols may enhance your journey of self-discovery.

We have spent over 30 years researching and creating magical jewelry based on symbols worldwide. We are very proud to mint over 100 designs.

If you want to learn more about our designs, please visit our Symbol Gallery.